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Samsung HLT5075SX/XAA 3 Blinking Lights again

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Good Evening!

I am looking for some troubleshooting and opinion help on my Samsung. I replaced this TV a few months ago due to (I believe) it overheating and getting a weird distorted image (weird green tint and sometimes dots) and/or shutting off. I found that I could get it to not do this by putting a fan next to the lamp door blowing cool air in.

Recently I decided to hook it back up and use it again as a 2nd TV (for playing Xbox while watching Football games etc). I took the bottom cabinet off and cleaned out all the dust from the fans etc and the tv ran great at first. Then after about a week it started shutting off again. I hooked up a fan outside the lamp door again and it worked fine again for a few days. Then it randomly shut off and would not turn back on (getting 3 blinking lights, red blinking temp light other 2 green blinking).

The TV turns on, you see some light flicker, long pause, color flicker, long pause shuts off. Does this a few times before it goes to the blinking lights.

I took the lamp door off and held the switch and it does the same thing, doesn't appear to be the lamp switch.

Took the lamp out and it does the exact same thing but makes a louder buzzing noise.

I am wondering if this is just another dead bulb (although I think the overheating issue may be color wheel or something else due to the way it distorts)?

The capacitor on the ballast looks healthy.

This is the 2nd lamp in the TV. The original lamp died in November of 2010, I put in a Philips replacement bulb in December 2010 and it worked great up until the TV started getting random shutoffs about april/may 2012.

Is this TV worth putting the money in to in your opinion? I see I can get a low end LCD/Plasma replacement for pretty cheap. If I can get away with just a new bulb or maybe Ballast those can be had reasonably and I would like to just keep it going though.

Thanks in advance for what to check next and your opinions.
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No one can help me troubleshoot? I just don't want to randomly order smile.gif.
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