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movies for 5.1 surround sound - testing rear speakers

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Recently I purchased a low end (well decent) system with MLT-2 and Denon AVR 1713. I played few movies/music and found out that the sound is not coming from rear. During Audio Calibration (Odyssey), the sound is coming from rear.

So my question is, can someone suggest nice movies where I can test the details of sound from all speakers?
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There was a scene in the movie Drive where he is attempting to flee from the police in his car. I watched this movie when I had a 7.1 surround setup with rear speakers, and I swear I could not tell if the helicopters that were flying around were part of the movie, or if they were outside my window. Not sure how it would sound with 5.1, but it's worth a shot!
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Two scenes that pop into my head. In Avatar when Sully makes his first kill of a deer as he is learning how to be a Navi, I think the arrow hitting the dear is kinda off to the side,behind you. Also, climactic battle in Saving Private Ryan. At one point the tank is driving down the street and you first see it from the point of view of Tom Hanks, so the tank seems in front of you. But then it quickly switches to you looking at Tom Hanks, so the tank is coming from behind you.
Try those, although there are many others too.
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Transformers 2, several scenes have great panning of all the speakers. Try the opening logo scene and when bumble bee fights that hopper robot. The hopper robot jumps thru all the speakers and makes surrounds come alive. Tron legacy makes the surrounds cry uncle and FOTP plane crash will make weaker surrounds distort at reference!
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