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Tivo, Google TV or Crestron?

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Long time lurker.....thanks in advance for your help!

I'm a mild tinkerer....my wife plays along and my youngest can run the Sony GTV better than anyone in the family, but it is time to simplify my HDTV/Media setup as part of a new home build.

I need your help to select a product or build a system around the following content:

Cable TV including premium channels, on Demand

Max Go

Would be nice:
iTunes/Apple TV

I currently own Apple TV and Google TV. I do not like having to switch between them. I have literally thousands of dollars in iTunes movies and music, so much so that I have the movies and music segregated on their own 3TB hard drive. I have young kids and we've run out of quality Netflix content as well. Are there any additional services similar to netflix you might recommend?

Google TV Bonuses: cable box control, aggregates most of my content, RF remote.
GTV downside: no elegant iTunes movie integration

I was looking at the latest Tivo and thought it might be the best option and especially like being able to DVR and save to an ipad or other mobile device for viewing offline (airplane).

I'm not convinced that a Crestron, AMX or Elan G system will have the content "surfing" and aggregation that a Tivo or G TV has........

If you were putting in a great HD living room setup......what would you do?

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Bump....pretty please?
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