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DTS-HD MA dialog sound issue

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Hi all,

I am trying to play my blu ray copy of Snatch on my computer. I have an LG BD, integrated RealTek HD audio running SPDIF into a slightly older receiver (Philips HTR5000 Digital A/V receiver) which feeds my two Polk bookshelf speakers. I am encountering the following problem when playing bluray titles with PowerDVD 10:

Unless I can select an audio track that is NOT DTS-HD MA, dialog audio is highly muffled or nonexistant, while other sounds are perfectly fine. Have tried installing most recent drivers for my RealTek integrated audio, new update to PowerDVD 10, klite codecs, AC3 filter, and even using HDMI audio through my crappy Samsung TV speakers. Of course the audio is 'fine' through the TV, but I cannot get a DTS-HD MA source to play audio properly through my Polk speakers. What is the best way to force audio downsampling to avoid this issue? I am not an audiophile, so using a slightly older Dolby or DTS encryption would be just fine by me. I know for a fact that these speakers are fine, as I've played other non-blu ray movies, games, and music on them and they sound as they should.

In addition, is it worth purchasing something like Nero HD Platinum to see if the software is the culprit? Or could it be the case that my receiver cannot process DTS-HD MA 5.1 properly, and is either forcing a 5.1 mix into a stereo setup or simply unable to articulate DTS-HD MA? To articulate once again, audio from blu ray sources to my speakers is quite good in Dolby Digital 2.0.
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Just to clarify: all audio sounds with blu rays playing DTS-HD MA fine EXCEPT for dialog, which I cannot hear. Installing various audio codecs has not helped. I suppose I am looking for a way to software downsample DTS-HD MA on my computer before SPDIF out.
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Have you checked that your audio out aka "speakers" is set to 2 channel stereo in the Windows Sound manager Control Panel?
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