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Oppo Rookie Question  

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Hi Guys/Ladies. I am new to this forum. I have watched from a distance for a few years now, but have taken the plunge and posted my first post in years. . I am asking for guidance in selecting a player. I almost just went ahead and ordered this OPPO 103, but before making a shot in the dark, thought I would get on here and ask experts. Years ago, I used to consider myself an audiophile, but those were years gone by, and now I spend my time racing cars and it leaves little time for anything else. I remember back in the late 70's I purchased a needle for my new B&O Turntable and gave 400 bucks( that was alot of money back then) for it. Everybody thought I was crazy, but when your hooked, your hooked. Anyway, fast forward to this decade.In my den/basement, I have a system that is used as a TV room for my wife, but a sound system for me. I like to crank it up and listen to music while working on the race car. ( shut the TV off) The Garage is attached to my entertainment room.So keeping in mind this player is for movies, but MORE IMPORTANTLY , sound quality .................................
I have 5 Miller Kreisel Bookshelf speakers( B-1600)s ......The Subs are 2 Miller Kreisel MX-70B SF MKII....The Surround Receiver is a Marantz SR 7500 . It all runs through a Furman Elite 15 DM Purifyer. I need a new player as the one I have is a antiquated and wore out to boot. Please point me in the right direction.. 1000 dollars is going to be about my limit,but I don't want to waste my bread if I don't have to. Thanks for your input, And thanks for your time .. Jeff
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Welcome to AVS. MOds ask that questions get posted in the player thread:


We have also compared the 103 to other models, particularly the Sony and Panasonic, in the help me choose thread


Good luck,

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