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Hey all,

Posting my problem here based on the troubleshooting I've done. When watching digital cable (uverse) on a Motorola VIP1200 box, there is a consistent cracking and popping from one of my surround speakers. If I unplug this speaker, the popping shifts to the right front speaker. Almost always in only one speaker.

Now, I've tried three different audio connections from box to receiver (Harmon Kardon AVR2650) HDMI, optical, and analog. Same problem with each. Only audio output setting I can find in the uverse menu is "stereo" or "surround" for the digital audio, with the same problem happening for each.

I have googled and searched around, and seen several blame the receiver. I am inclined to suspect the cable box because I also have a ps3 connected via HDMI, a wii connected with analog, and a computer with both optical and analog, and get no cracking of popping from any of those components in any situation. It is just the uverse digital cable.

Anyone have any ideas? I saw one post in here that talked about switching the digital box to PCM, but cannot find a place to set that anywhere.

Thanks for the help guys! Looking forward to getting this figured out.


PS: Audio has to go through the receiver as I have a Epson 8350 projector, so no chance of running it through a different route.