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Netflix, Xbox 360, Western Digital Live and an Onkyo

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I recently became educated on the fact that Netflix only streams up 720p through the Xbox 360 (which is my preferred streaming box).
- info here -http://support.netflix.com/en/node/262#gsc.tab=0
I also recently just got my Onkyo TX-NR709 with Marvell Qdeo (I believe kyoto-g2h) chip.
Upon this new info, i realize the fact that I always have my Xbox set to output at 1080p - it is upscaling the "HD" Netflix content for me, not just the SD. As well as the SD or 720 content I play through my network shares.
Would I be better off setting my Xbox to output at 720p or auto based on content and let my Onkyo do the upscaling? or is the Xbox 360 a better technology?
What is the typical process in a scenario like this - obviously comes into play when I stream media thru Xbox on network too, etc.
In addition to that - I use a WD-TV Live for streaming from USB - I guess this little box also upscales a lot of stuff too for me.
Should I bypass all those sources processing and just use the Onkyo to upscale - or keep it the way it is?
What about my display? LG 60PA6550...I guess when I throw a USB in it - it upscales the content too. Would it be the preferable device for scaling? Looks like it uses LG's "Triple XD Engine" or something.

I have never noticed any worse than expected quality for what I am doing. But I guess I could be missing out now that I have the Onkyo with the Qdeo?

I know that's a lot of questions...this is my first "real" receiver - and my knowledge of video processing etc. is very slim - thanks again.
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The answer is "it depends".

Your components use different upscalers, and one may do a better job going between specific resolutions than the other. There is a real possibility that the differences between the components may be so minor that it is not noticeable to you.

You can try moving the x-box to 720p and letting the receiver do the upscaling. If it looks better - you have a winner. If no difference, or worse, switch back.
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Thanks for replying.

I will try a few combinations and see what happens - luckily this is all pretty easy to try out.
It's a fascinating thing to me - I never realized how much was happening behind the scenes with the video processing.
I have always been inclined to understand everything I can with audio - I never knew there was so much to learn with the video stuff!
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