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25ft3, dual 15" subwoofer rehabilitation project

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Tonight I did some reverse engineering of these cabinets I picked up over the weekend:

I measured up the cabinets to figure out what I am dealing with. I most likely will be able to actually use these. I can drop in a pair of Sundown SA15 D2 and get 1600 into each cabinet(800 per driver) off a KLR-3200. I have powered the 4 SA12 loaded bass cannons off a 3200, and the coils are the same so they should take the power fine.

Vol per driver: 11.4ft3
Fb: 31.7hz
Overall Volume: 25ft3

I'm working on sims, but bang for the buck it is looking like SA15s.

The only thing I'm not thrilled with is the fiberglass lining these cabs, it kinda smells old and musty, I might pull it and put in some pillow stuffing or something.

Here is the SA-15 sim at 800w:

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Seemes like you can lower the tuning to get a more even respons.
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Oh wow. Those are way bigger than I thought they would be.

What do you plan on using them for? Add to the bass rig for your gigs? tongue.gif
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I have a gig in Buffalo on Friday night, Calyx and Teebee, quite possibly the largest act in Drum and Bass in the world currently. I'm pressing these into service immediately, and stacking my cabinets together with the biggest setup in Buffalo.

I plan on probably loading them with SA-15 in the short term and using them in the rig. The tuning and volume make them very very attractive for retrofitting to a pair of 21s. More on that later smile.gif

I picked the best 2 22 series JBLs, one was of course the 2226, and the other was a 2220. I loaded these into one of the cabinets, and put the single SA-15 I have in the other. I have another SA15 on order.

The terminal blocks are going to need a little help, but that is an easy resolution:

So I end the day by placing grilles and I am ready for the other SA-15 to arrive:

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Calyx and TeeBee? Wow. Wish I could be there. They have a new album?

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