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Is it worth buying nail gun and compressor?

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I'm going to start framing within a month and I would like to know if it is worth to buy a nail gun and a compressor?
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You can probably rent that stuff from lowes\homedepot.
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Depends on how much you plan to do with it. Are you just considering doing the framing, or will you be framing and finishing? If you are going to be putting up molding, it's hard for me to imaging doing that with a hammer and nails anymore. Of course, you have to have a finish nailer now. Will you be building fabric covered panels? If so, you're are looking at thousands of staples! The pneumatic guns seem to be the way to go.

I've already got a compressor, but I recently picked up a framing gun and most of my theater is already framed out. I decided it was worth it to me just to save the time for that last little bit. YMMV.
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I bet if you shopped around, you could find a pretty good holiday deal on a nailer/compressor combo, maybe even a finish/framing combo pack. Probably not much more than renting. What are your plans for the rest of the room? If you have a false wall, you'll want a compressor for stapling fabric to your screen wall frames. Crown moulding? Baseboards? Probably worth grabbing one and if you don't think you will use it again after your build, you can always put it on Craigslist.
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I'm planning to do the framing on my entire basement and I'm doing an AT Screen.
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Is any type that you can suggest? I have no idea about what type to even look.
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DEFINITELY worth it. Especially if, as mentioned, you plan to staple fabric or put up molding (including baseboards). ANd I've found LOTS of other little projects around the house that it's come in really handy for. You should be able to fiind a deal on a trio of guns...framing and two finish nailers. You'll need to buy a stapler for fabric, but it is well worth in time savings.
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I can do staples with the pneumatic guns?
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Yes. It has to be a stapler, not a nail gun. I picked up mine at HD. Around $100.00. I THINK this is the one I got. The swivel hose connector is VERY convenient.

Rigid Stapler
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I'm not familiar wit hthat brand. And it doesn't include a framing nailer. I'd try the 'Bay or Amazon for combo deals. My nailers are Porter Cable and I've had great luck with them.
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Definitely worth it! I'm lucky that I have Big borrow his stapler for me for the fabric, and I borrow the compressor from my cousin. But I did buy a 18ga finishing nail gun for mounting the wall panel tho. Plus, if your compressor is strong enough, you could run a tons other power tool too like automobile tools!
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Originally Posted by amb1s1 View Post

I'm planning to do the framing on my entire basement and I'm doing an AT Screen.

Definitely worth it IMHO. I purchased the Bostich pancake compressor combo that included two finish nailers. I picked up a framing nailer on ebay. They were very handy in helping me finish the basement. I thought that I would sell the nailer on ebay when I was finished with it, but I ended up keeping it for another project I'll start in the future. You COULD sell it and make most of your money back.

You can't go wrong using a framing nailer...it just makes the build so much easier.
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Add me to the chorus of definitely worth it. I also use mine to fill bike and car tires. Lots of fun adapters you can get to keep you using it. I got the Bostich (Stanley) combo pack from Lowes about 4 years ago. Didn't come with a framing nailer, but had 2 others that have worked great for building shelves and putting up trim. Lots of options out there.
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I'm assuming since you have an AT screen, you will be hanging it on a false wall and surrounding it with fabric covered frames.

This is a popular stapler for assembling the actual frames that will get covered in fabric.

This one is popular for stapling the fabric to the frame.

Pair those with one of these affordable compressors, grab yourself a framing nailer, and you're all set.
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I would try Harbor freight. I don't usually recommend that store but it doesn't sound like your going to be using that stuff very often, Im guessing you could get away with a pancake compressor. You might be able to get everything for under 100.00. Check these out...

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If you don't view every new project as an excuse to buy more power tools turn in your man card. You know you are on the right path when you have to build a shed to hold all the tools.
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Since you're doing your entire basement, this is a no-brainer.

My biggest regret in my HT construction is that I didn't pony up at the beginnning and buy all of the necessary tools. I tried to make do with what I had, which in the end caused quite a bit of extra work and frustration, and I ended up needing to buy nearly all of the basic tools before the end of the project anyway. Having them at the beginning would've made things quite a bit easier.

FWIW, I bought this combo pack of 3 Husky nailers and this compressor and framing nailer combo pack. Not pro level stuff, but it has served me well so far.
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My framing is already done and I'm probably going to pick up a combo, nailer, brad nailer, stapler and compressor from Home depot for $239 just for the trim work. I know I'll use it for other stuff as well.

This is even with a brother who is a carpenter so I don't have to borrow his tools.

In other words, Yes, buy it if you can afford it.
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Just saw this combo posted in another thread. Don't know much about the brand, but a pretty good variety in this combo pack.
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Add me to the list of those that say go for it. A finishing nailer is really mandatory for trim work, and the framing nailer makes everything so much easier.

I made the mistake of waiting to buy a framing nailer for a deck project AFTER the basement was finished. Doh!
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Originally Posted by amb1s1 View Post

I'm going to start framing within a month and I would like to know if it is worth to buy a nail gun and a compressor?

As opposed to swinging an hammer? Yup...buy the power tools, compressor and a few nail guns!
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Just a bit of insight on the HF line of air tools.

When talking with the owner of a local shop that sells and repairs air tools he said the HF tools are more than adequate for home users. The internals are made from very strong and hard aluminum as opposed to steel they use in higher end tools like Senco, etc. Keep them oiled and use a regulator adjusted to the proper pressure for the tool and they will last a long time.

An adjustable pressure regulator is a requirement. I tried to explain this to my old man and he said I was full of it. He borrowed my Senco coil nailer without asking and blew the trigger out of it because he was running 120psi though it. Thus the reason I was in the repair shop making him buy me a new trigger.

After swinging a hammer for many years and then using an air nailer, I will choose the air nailer.
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You ever going to want to use spray guns with it?

If so, you want a minimum 12 CFM (preferably 14) - you can get some nice quiet compressors these days too so ask about noise
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I bought a big compressor(Sears tank on wheels) because I thought I might want to do painting. Then I bought bought a pancake because I was doing work at a beach retreat that was up 3 full flights of stairs. Now I drive all over and the the only compressor I bother with is the pancake.

Also for spray painting the only way to go IMHO is with HVLP technology with the better setups using there own air turbines. I have a the big compressor in my shed. make me an offer.
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Doesn't need to be big Big - you can get 20L 12CFM and 30L 14CFM compressors here - aluminium tanks, light and small. For someone spraying with a $150 Star Finish gun you can get results that a $1500+ dedicated sprayer will do
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That framing nailer looks suspiciously like my Porter Cable full round head nailer.

Looks like a good buy!

Good luck and don't, uh, shoot yourself in the foot!
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Another "Worth it' vote. I borrowed my neighbors Portal Cable framing nailer when I was framing the walls with the pancake comp.. That baby saved me alot of time, but then he needed it back after he seperated from his wife. :-(. Using a Ridgid for crown nailing and fabric frame staples. I assume you have a drill... cool.gif
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I just bought the Porter Cable framing gun from Home Depot after putting together one wall with a hammer....totally worth it!
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