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Will this Mobo/processor work for my media server?

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For the last few months I have been running an HTPC/Media Server for my main TV and used the boxee box (kind of) in the bedroom. On black friday I decided to take the plunge, convert my HTPC to a media server and build 2 HTPC boxes for my living room and bedroom.

Currently the media server has an AMD A8-3870K w/ 16g RAM.

My HTPCs have a BIOSTAR A68I-350 Deluxe AMD Fusion APU w/ 8g RAM.

The problem I'm running into with my HTPCs isn't video...it's the menus in XBMC. Running AEON nox, the menus are definitely not snappy and when viewing CPU usage, I can see that it's running 100% a lot of the time when browsing menus.

I don't mind the bedroom being this slow, but I don't like it for my main HTPC in the living room. Should I switch the mobo/processor for the mediaserver and one of my htpcs?

The mediaserver runs:

MySQL Server (for xbmc)

and I want it to be able to stream 1080p to at least 3 TVs at once (I'm connected with cat6 cable on a gigabit switch).

Thanks for any input!
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It's your low powered amd cpu. Ian you change the skins on those to done a little less intense and report back?
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Sorry I wasn't clear on that - I did try other skins...they do run better. However, I prefer Aeon Nox if it's possible. Even other types of menus work better than others, it's the intense fanart/DVD cases/logos that make it run slow, but that's the type of menu that my wife likes (heh). My question was kind of convoluted, but my main concern is whether the biostar mobo/cpu will run my media server well? From what I understand, a server's needs are less intense, right? Just want to make sure I don't bottleneck my media server if I put the biostar in there, because I know the A8 runs xbmc like a champ.

Thank you for your help!
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Just in case anyone else looks at this with the same type of question:

I swapped them last night and the HTPC is running flawlessly now (albeit louder and hotter), and the media server is running very good as well. I have yet to try streaming to more than one device at once, but I dont *think* it will be an issue. I will report back if I find it to be.

Side note - make sure your mobo/cpu actually fits in your case. My PSU is now sitting on top of my case because the cpu's heatsink/fan are too high and the PSU wont fit tongue.gif...hoping it's not causing an issue (more airflow right?), going to check the heat tonight under load to see if it's a problem.
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