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my set up :)

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hi am new and i have just started getting bits for a home cinima set up. its not in the right room as i am sorting stuff been getting bits over last few moths let me know what you think as i am new to this thanks...

there are still bits that are terable like my center speaker but i am swaping as and when i have the cash..

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You have a good start. Concentrate on your front stage and don't go chincy with the center channel. Matching fronts make a huge difference and having all speakers match is best. Keep doing research and learning all you can and save up for the best gear you can afford. Don't forget about acoustic treatments. If you want home cinema you gotta do a projector setup. Otherwise it's just home theater. Welcome to the club!
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thanks mate i am still learning so all you can tell me is great i have just roderd some wharfedale 10.c speakers the hole set... my reciver is a 7.2 full hdmi 3d one i was told to go for that smile.gif
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i have had a little change aroud as it seemed a little much...

the tv is a 50 inch smart 3d tv...it has a sony full 7.2 hd 3d reciver... and have other this like samsung 3d blu-ray player dvd upscaler and ps3 ect. also

this is it after a little change around any better???

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