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Building Budget Energy System

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I am fixing to start building my first home theater system and need some help. I think I have narrowed my speakers down to 3 speaker setups.I am a complete noob with all this. It will be 80 percent Tv and movies 10 percent games and 10 percent Country, Alternative and Rock music.

1- Energy Take 5
2- Energy Micro RC
3- Energy CB-5 x 4
Energy CS-5

I wanted to pair them with a Energy S10.3 sub but am having issues finding one for a decent price.

The receiver wil either be a Onkyo nr tx616 or a Denon 1913 I can get those cheap through a friend

Any suggestions on which speakers and another decent sub to pair with them or should i keep looking for the S10.3?

The room is roughly 14x20 with 10 foot ceiling and carpet on the floors. Thanks
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Also im not sold on Energy but that is what was recommended to me by a few people but I do want SMALL. I realize the CB and CS are larger but I don't want to do any bigger then those.
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I would pass on the Energy RC-Micro's they sound weak in my opinion. I bought the 5.1 RC Micro set a few years ago and sent it back after a few weeks.

I would go with the largest speakers you can live with so in your case CB-5/CC-5. The 4.5" speaker should be good enough to do 80HZ and are still relatively compact. You could also go smaller with the surrounds and use the Take 5's or Micros.

Here is a thread that might help about the RC-Micro's with upgraded fronts and/or center.

If you really want small though another option to consider is orb audio. Its not that cheap though, but I'm not sure what your budget is.
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