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Receiver decision - "unexpected" purchase - budget 500-750

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I have been getting my theater build "1.0" together for a while now, and it's in the FINAL stages- floor goes down the weekend of December 15th. Then it's "move in" time.

I purchased an Epson 8350 (120" fixed frame screen), and will most likely be going with a Level 2 HTD 5.1 setup. (thanks to some great suggestions here, no less)

Last week, while speaker shopping (in a bad stroke of irony) my Denon AVR-987 stopped outputting HDMI altogether- it has been having handshake issues for a while now, but I was always able to get it to work by switching inputs back and forth- that has come to an end. SO-

I was budgeting about $500.00 for a receiver- I had been looking really hard at the Onkyo TX-NR717, BUT the horror stories about the customer service issues have made me quite gun shy. Also saw a deal on a refurb Denon 2312CI, so that's a strong option. (right under 500.00)

The ONLY other thing I am considering is I MAY be able to stretch my budget, depending on my final floor cost, to 750.00, and was entertaining the Marantz SR5006. (haven't really looked at anything else in that price range- and that's DEFINITELY the ceiling- it will still take some "wife convincing" to get there, regardless...biggrin.gif )

My main use will be movies (I am a big action buff) and gaming. (PS3/360). We also have a Dish Hopper HD system going in once the construction is complete.

Hope that's enough info- my head is spinning with all the available options. Any opinions/suggestions on if I am on the right path, and if upgrading a couple hundred bucks is even worth the money (and wife guilt trip) ,are GREATLY appreciated! Cheers!
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Well, I ended up going for the Marantz SR5006- found one for 499.99 (factory refurb). Looks like it will serve my purposes well.
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