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My current set up includes a multitude of HDMI devices, a Sony soundbar with sub as receiver, and an older LCD Samsung LNT4071f. I'm in the market for a wireless headset/headphones that will work with everything easily without the need to keep changing cables.

The Astro A50 set interests me because the receiver features optical pass through. With this I could connect all my devices direct to TV via HDMI, then run an optical cable out of the TV into the Sony receiver, with the headset receiver in between. This way the soundbar input never needs to be changed and the headset will work with anything connected to the TV.

My concern is relying so much on the TV's optical output. My first concern is simply quality, where I don't want to spend $300.00 on a headset that will be bottlenecked by the TV output. Also, the TV only outputs in 2.1 which is fine for the soundbar but the headset features simulated 7.1 that has actually gotten decent reviews. I can't figure out anywhere if this feature will even work if the headset is only receiving 2.1. It seems to be marketed as a device meant to be connected directly to a 5.1 source.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.