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I have a Samsung Plasma HDTV (PN50B860Y2F) just over 3 years old and in the past few weeks it will change the source inputs on it's own, like if I am watching TV on HDMI 1 it will change to HDMI 2. It's not the remotes because I took the batteries out and it still did it. It will do at anytime, sometimes it will go a few hours without changing inputs to sometimes a few seconds after I change it back to the right input. I asked Samsung what I can do but they say unplug TV for a minute then wipe down bezel with a microfiber cloth then plug back in but that didn't help. Does anyone have any idea what else I can do or is there someway to fix it myself?

I have talked to Samsung a few times trying to fix this and they seem to think I need to have it repaired. I have found someone selling a bunch of boards from the same model TV. Is this something I can fix myself with the right circuit board, does anyone know what board it would be causing the problem? The person I found selling a bunch of different boards has these for sale "Samsung PN50B860Y2F Mainboard,Power Supply, X+Y Boards/Buffers and Logic Board" all for $80.