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Klipsch Subwoofer Connect To Denon Amp

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Denon 5.1.PNG 87k .PNG file Klipsch Subwoofer.PNG 125k .PNG file

Briefly my system has:

1) 2 Sony SS-B3000 Bookshelf Speakers - Front Wall Mounted [URL=http://www.amazon.co...wms_ohs_product]http://www.amazon.co...wms_ohs_product[/URL]

2) 2 Polk TSi500 Floorstanding Speakers - Rear http://www.amazon.co...anding+speakers

3) Klipsch SW-350 Subwoofer - Rear Floor http://www.amazon.co...sw350+subwoofer

4) Denon AVR2112CI Integrated Network A/V Surround Receiver http://www.amazon.co...+AVR-2112CI+amp

Problem: What is the optimal way to connect the Subwoofer to the Denon Amp? Why a problem. Well, the Subwoofer Sound In on the back of the Denon Amp is for Fiber Optic and the Klipsch Subwoofer does not have a Fiber Out.

Purpose of the System: I listen to jazz while working on the computer and therefore have the system set up in stereo mode; not for traditional 5.1 Channel AV

See attached snippets.

Thanks for any help and my apologies for such a stupid question. Although I am "old" to computers, I am "new" to AV.
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The subwoofer OUT on your Denon is a single RCA and not optical. Connect that to the line in on the subwoofer.

Read your manual. There is a very nice diagram on page 6 that illustrates this nicely.
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single RCA and not optical

Now I do feel like a dimwit. Sorry. I use the optical to go to my audiophile card on the computer.

OK, if I don't want to use the single male (amp output) to double male (subwoofer input) and wish instead to use shielded cable (kinda OCD about this stuff), would my electrician be correct in saying that I could connect the subwoofer to the center speaker outputs or ...?

Maybe better just to go with RCA for the subwoofer?

Note: The subwoofer is about 20-25 feet from the amp.

Btw, I feel like I am making your quotation from Winston Churchill appear very true. frown.gif

No more help required. Thanks for everything.

I found what I needed over at MonoPrice.

Once again, sorry to be such a PITA. smile.gif
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