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Hi All,

Plan to buy a projector in a couple of months.
Already am looking to buy one for quite some time but it never happend.

One of the reasons beeing is that I will probably will use it instead of my TV,
so that means almost 5 hours a day during the week and even more in the weekend.
Another issue is that it is impossible for me to have a dedicated room for it.
So it cannot be pitch black (for sure not when it is still light outside) and will have some ambient light.
The advantage (I think) is that the room is not that huge and that the maximum distance for the projector will be around 4m (13ft).

Now the thing is that an old friend of mine who has experience with venues told me once that the DLP technology was better.
Had to do with the color degradation and the pixel shift of the LCD panels that can occur.
But this is already ages ago so wonder how the inorganic LCD can handle these?

So far I had my eyes on:
- Mistubishi HC7800D - DLP (they sadly do not sell the 7900 in the EU)
(wonder if it will be bright enough)
- Epson 6020UB - LCD (so wonder about the issues above regarding LCD)

- Benq W7000 - DLP (bright enough....but lamp life is a severe issue)
- JVC X30 - DiLA (LCOS) (but looking at the proj.calculator this is not going to give me a big screen at those distances)

Also...horizontal an vertical lens shift is a must.

Hope you can give any feedback about the LCD "issues" according to your experience and any suggestions.

Already a happy 2013