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Hi all,

I decided to give universal remotes another shot... I couldn't pass up a great offer on a Harmony One, and decided to pick one up tonight, even after a poor experience with a Harmony 900 earlier in the year.

I have a Mac running Mountain Lion, and loaded the Logitech software onto it. But I'm not finding any advanced user settings... Every menu it takes me through is step by step. Is there a way to just go into a menu and pick my own settings?

Here's what I'm trying to do:

I have a Yamaha receiver that I use as an HDMI switch. It has my XBox, DVD Player and Cable box plugged in, with a single HDMI going out to my TV. It allows me to switch between HDMI inputs, even with the receiver off.

I don't always like watching TV with the surround sound on. I come home late at night, and quite often watch shows with the TV's native speakers.

I set up two activities: Watch TV, and Watch TV w/ Surround Sound. I want to have the Receiver switch to HDMI 2 while "Watch TV" is selected, but I don't want the remote to turn on.

Any ideas of how to achieve this???
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You may have to duplicate your receiver in your list of devices. i.e. have one device called "A/V Receiver A" and another called "A/V Receiver B". For your activity where surround sound is desired, you would use "A/V" Receiver A" and probably leave its device settings as default. For your activity where surround sound IS NOT desired, you would use "A/V Receiver B" and tweak its power settings to say "this device doesn't have an on/off button" or whatever Harmony's exact wording is.

That way, in the activity with surround sound, the remote will power the receiver on/off as normal. But in the activity without surround sound, it SHOULD not send any power on/off/toggle commands to the receiver. As long as you set up any activities that include surround sound to turn off unused components (i.e. "A/V Receiver A") when switching activities, the receiver should then always be off for your TV without surround sound activity.

One other thing -- for the "without surround sound" activity, make sure you tell it you adjust volume using the TV, and not "A/V Receiver B". biggrin.gif
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I'll try this. I appreciate it.

I also tried "teaching" a command using the IR receiver. I added it to the TV profile, but used the HDMI button from the Receiver's remote. It didn't work as planned.

I'm contemplating returning the remote. While it's much faster than the 900 I had earlier in the year (The screens took a while to switch), I'm not sure it's worth the price. It's a bit slower scrolling through menu items than the original cable box remote, and it doesn't have some dedicated buttons (Like DVR, etc).

I guess I'll have to keep playing with it for a while... But I'm still not sure it's worth its price!
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