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Media Server for Mac 10.5.8

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Anyone got a recommendation for a media server to use with my mac and Oppo bdp-95? I tried ps3 1.30.1 which is the latest 10.5.8 compliant sw. It didn't seem to work with the Oppo. I tried the Oppo thread, thought I'd try here.
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Try Playback, it costs about $15 I believe, but it works great, works in the background. It's sold by Yazsoft.
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Originally Posted by saeyedoc View Post

Try Playback, it costs about $15 I believe, but it works great, works in the background. It's sold by Yazsoft.

I looked at it and it was for 10.6 or higher. I did get ps3 1.30.1 to work. It was transcoding the mkv file to mpeg/aac. When I set it to ignore mkv for transcoding it worked fine. Next experiment is flac 96/24 files.
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Sorry, didn't catch your OS requirement. There is an older version on Playback that will work with 10.5.8, but haven't been able to get it to work from the download on their site.
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Yea, I figured they had one, but I couldn't get to it. I'm fine with PS3 media sever. I think I will go ahead and update my OS to 10.6 so I can run the latest version of PMS.

On another note re-rez flac works well with the older version too!.

I get torn between using a media server or just a hard drive in the usb port of my Oppo 95. I'm still playing around alot trying to figure out which way I want to go.
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i don't use DLNA streaming to my Oppo except for a few files that won't play on my Squeezebox, 24/192 and multi-channel recordings for example. It's just too cumbersome to go through the directory tree to get to what I want. The Squeezebox interface is just so much more intuitive.
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Normally my hi-rez flac 96/24 I play via usb or I've also burned them to DVD-A (Burn a free osx tool to do that).

I'm really just playing around and trying to get various things to work just for the fun. The hard drive and usb interface is clunky to navigate on the oppo. The PMS interface seems a little easier to navigate as I can specity just the specific folders so there aren't alot of things to navigate. I can do the same with my reciever, but I also use the oppo with a headphone amp without the reciever.
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