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Samsung LCD TV Display Issue

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Hi All:

I have a 5 year old 46 inch, Samsung LCD TV. A couple of days ago this started happening immediately upon turning the TV on. It eventually goes away after about 15-20 minutes but it appears on every input selection. I've tried powering down the TV, unplugging it, disconnecting everything but it still shows up.

I have a sinking feeling my TV is drying but I figured I'd ask if any of you had an idea what could cause this?

Thanks all!


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Last night this happened for only a few minutes and then went away, any thoughts?
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FYI, older Samsung's like yours began having capacitor problems a few years ago. There was a class action lawsuit and Samsung agreed to fix those capacitors for free. Go to Samsung's website and search for the Alert that describes the situation and the models affected. The primary symptom is a TV that has a hard time turning on, often with clicking sounds that cycle for up to several minutes before the picture appears. Basically, Samsung will repair this for free, even though the warranty has expired.

It's hard to tell what your problem is with that photo, since I don't know what it's supposed to look like. Add a description or a different, easy to see, photo. There are websites that display symptoms of certain problems (such as bad connectors) and how to fix them.... check them out. Google your problem on the web to understand it better. If capacitors cause your problem, contact Samsung. If not, try to get a good estimate of what a repair might cost. It may be better to just pick up another TV. I just put down the paper and Sears has a 46" 60Hz Samsung LCD for $499.
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The bad capacitors sound logical to me also, but it sure would be nice to post the model number when you're asking for advice. smile.gif
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It's a Samsung LNT4661F and I've outlined the portion of the screen that is going out. It's supposed to be bright like the surrounding area, not black and splotchy.

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Here is how it is supposed to look. I took this picture last night so it doesn't constantly have that black area on it.

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Your TV is included in the models covered for the "capacitor" problem (click Alert: TV capacitor settlement notice). But "covered symptoms" are related to the TV not turning on, slow to turn on, and clicking and cycling during turning on. So I doubt your problem would be covered, but you could contact Samsung support to find out.


If you could manage to talk to a knowledgeable repair person and describe (or show) the warm-up darkened "V" area running from top to bottom, maybe you could get an estimate of what it might cost to repair, or for a service call to have it looked at. Then decide whether it would be cheaper to just buy a new one.
Good luck.

Edit: To me, if the flourescent backlight tubes run from top to bottom, it looks like the center ones and the one to their left are having a hard time turning on until they warm up. If so, that might be easy to fix.
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