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Yet another thread on IR Repeaters, sorry

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So I did a search on the forum and just an insane number of threads and posts on IR Repeaters. Got tired or reading and not finding the info I need.

If another thread answers this perfectly, please post the URL to the thread or the specific post so that I and others that search in the future can find all the info too.

I have a PS3 as my BD player and use the Bluetooth (RF) PS3 remote for BD movies. Sadly not backlit. The setup I need help with is that I use a ceiling mounted projector, AV receiver, and HTPC with XBMC for all other media. And those all use IR remotes.

I am tired of pointing my IR remotes at the AV cabinet that is not by the projector screen. And I plan to add a door panel to the AV setup so you don't see it. Either way, I need an IR repeater so I can point at the screen and control everything. And I will also be going to 1 remote as well hopefully. Though to also get the RF PS3 remote merged, I would need something like the Harmony PS3 adapter which is $50 alone. So I likely will keep using my existing PS3 remote.

So here is my question.


I was thinking of a product like this. But I can't find details on how far I can extend the IR emitters and the IR pickup sensor. I would like the IR repeater box in the AV cabinet with power. And then extend the IR pick through the wall to the screen which is about 35 ft through the ceiling and wall. And then I would also need to extend 1 of the IR blasters to the HD20 projector on the ceiling which is about 15-20 ft through the ceiling. Maybe as low as 12 ft, I would have to double check as I have it noted somewhere.

From some data I have seen so far, I might be just fine with this particular product and extending the IR sensor to the screen with a 35 ft 3.5mm stereo headphone extension cable. But I would love to hear from someone that has done a long extension. And I haven't seen any data on extending the IR blaster 15-20ft.

Does anyone have experience with this particular IR repeater and extending both the IR sensor and blaster? How far? Or do you have another product you have used and have a link to it? Thanks.

I love this forum and I hate to finally being "that guy" that post the millionth "new" thread on an existing topic. Sorry.
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I don't have experience with a long extension over 3.5mm stereo headphone cable (only about 20 feet).

I do have a Hot Link Pro with a long extension. That unit requires extension of the receiver/eye cable using a mono RCA cable... for mine, I'm using RG6 coax cable with F connectors and F-to-RCA adapters on both ends (i.e. I already had a spare CATV run that I re-purposed). I'd estimate there's a good 40+ feet run of cable, and it's working well.

If you're able to locate the eye near your screen, then you may not need an emitter run up to your projector. My HC1500 operates fairly reliably via IR reflected off my screen. Generally I'm only turning it on or off, so the fact that I sometimes have to repeat remote commands doesn't bug me too much.

Another thing you may want to consider is the NextGen RF extender device. I don't have any personal experience with it YET (just got one, batteries charging now) but my hope is to replace a Hot Link Pro with the NextGen - not because of any IR extension performance problems, but due to trouble getting a good line of sight on the Hot Link's IR eye while still keeping it sufficiently hidden.
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I was considering an RF solution. But there just doesn't seem like my RF remote options. And the Harmony lineup of solutions and to also cover my PS3, are just too expensive.

If the solutions become too expensive and complex, I will just stick with what I am doing so far and just make the AV cabinet door so IR will work. Since after the movie or game is running, I generally don't touch any of the remotes. And if I do, it's the pause/unpause and volume controls. Rarely.
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