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Advice: with or without BD reader?

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Hello ALL,

I need some decision help. my current BD player is a ps3 and it started eating disks. My current streamer is wdtv as ps3 sucks for most formats played.

I was looking at the Dune HD Smart B1 and its quite expensive for a streamer but has BD.
Since I occasionally borrow/rent BDs I need a replacement player and I am tired of the shortcomings of the wdtv (can't get surround sound over hdmi occasional crashing and windows share loss)

With the current players on the market it seems most do not have bd drives. Would it be better to buy a separate bd player to support my occasional habit or a combines one like the Dune HD Smart B1?

is there anything similar to the Dune HD Smart B1 but cheaper? is the Dune Smart series still one of the best options out there for over all streaming?

I use my pioneer elite receiver for all of my audio decoding and prefer it that way is that an issue with streamers?

I like the idea of web streaming to my ipad or android phone can the dune do that? what streamers can?

Thanks for any advice
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this will depend if you want 3D playback or not, then the choice will be quite easy :
1. you want 3D : due to cinavia protection, no media player with 3D abilities will ever include a Br drive. So the only solution will be to buy an extra BR player for your discs.
2. you don't want 3D : then you have 2 very well known options which are PCH C300 or Dune Smart B1 (or MAX, specs are the same but Max is only a "bundle" of different Smart modules in one box)

Dune products are known for their stability, perfect streaming even with very high bitrate rips and easy to use jukeboxes (but need a PC to scrap your data).

regarding streaming to your ipad can you be more precise ?
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I do not care about 3d its more annoying then useful.

as for ipad/android streaming. being out and about away from how being able to pull up my library and stream a movie or tvshow. I have come to realize that the player it self does not need that feature but my NAS would. I plan on buying a synology ds1812+ with 3tb drives to rip my dvd/bd collection too.
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so C300 or Smart B1 will do what you want.

For streaming, indeed this will be managed by your NAS. But TBH I think that the way you want to use it (stream from outside of your home) is almost impossible in real life unless you have a crazy internet connection biggrin.gif
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I live in japan i have a crazy internet connection and cheap too.
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(lucky you...)

then the problem will be to know what type of file you will need to stream as the ipad is for example unable to play an ISO BD rip. So for some files you will need to re-rip in a more usual format/resolution for the ipad, assuming that you have enough bandwidth to stream remotely.

Other possibility : use a slingbox connected to your player. This could be the best option as it will re-encode on the fly for your ipad and is made for this kind of use. http://www.slingbox.com/go/products#.UMCRKobqtsc
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