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Hard choice between 70 or 80 for 12' Viewing distance...

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What would you guys go with.

Seating distance is ~12 feet
Sharp Elite 70" or Sharp Quatron LC-80LE844U?

Elite will cost about 1K more than the Quatron...

I am confident that the Elite has the better picture quality overall but at my sitting distance will the extra 10" be very significant?


PS. Im coming from a 60" Elite Kuro 151 which was destoryed in Sandy. I sat about 11-12 feet from that tv and I was satisfied with it...
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How can we make that decision for you when that much money is involved (or even if it isn't)? These never-ending threads about "what size TV should I buy" never cease to amaze me. Bottom line: If you want the bigger one and can afford it, sure, why not?
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If Im asking, then I can afford both options. The smaller set here is actually more expensive.

Bsically, at a distance of 12 feet, does the extra 10" (70 vs 80) real estate make a big enough difference to settle for lesser picture quality for the extra size?

Its more of a general board opinion question targeted at those who have larger screens and viewing distances. Maybe I should make it a poll instead of a general question.

Thanks for your reply though rolleyes.gif

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70" elite. You're considering a premium 70" set vs a midrange 80" and said the 60" Kuro was big enough. You're also used to the best and the Elite is the best led/lcd around. You might also consider the Panasonic TC-P65VT50 plasma if you have a lot of seating that's significantly off-center.
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That's fine. I'm just saying screen size and viewing distances are personal preferences. The best recommendation I've heard is to take some masking tape, place it on the wall in an 80" size and then put the 70" size inside it and make up your own mind. Or, go to a store, and actually look at each from your normal 12' viewing distance. It seems pretty simple to me. I know I'm different, but I would NEVER ask someone what size to buy just like I'd never ask what size car should I buy. I'd do some research and figure that out for myself. Now when we start talking about features and technical aspects, that's a whole different ballgame where some expert advice may be warranted.

In any case, good luck to you.
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Thanks Guys. im actually planning to do the masking type test tonight. Right now Im leaning towards the 70" Elite but the size of the 80 makes it tempting on some level smile.gif
I like the Panny (and Plasmas) but want to go to a 70" set at least.
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