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Has anybody heard anything positive about the Fluance XL series? I know they are not a high-end speaker maker but I have also heard Fluance speakers perform well "for the money." Just curious.
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Check some other threads...they do get fairly positive reviews.
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I own a full set now of the SX 5.0 line.

They are ok... Now I am driving them with an entry level Yamaha that is 5 years old and a small 10'' sub.

I also choose Aluminum-clad Steel Wire,,,because I didn't know the difference. I have JUST upgraded my system...and am waiting for all my purchases to come in so I can really evaluate how good or bad Fluance is.

Lots of good reviews and hard to beat in that price range... Jamo are about he only other speakers in that range...

At this point I could not really recommend them....but I can't knock them either. Will let you know how they sound with decent speaker wire and a better receiver in about 2 weeks.
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Sorry, was on vacation! Anyway thanks for the input. It's such a tough choice with so many options. I've heard some good tho gas about fluance but the low price is a little scary!
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I just did got done doing an A/B comparison of the Fluance SX 5.0 system to the Ascend CBM-170 SE.

In all fairness the Fluance SX are 5 year old and cost me 270 shipped back then, but there is no comparison whatsoever. The Ascend beat the Fluance in every way.

The Fluance have more accented high end but muddled bass and almost non-existent mid. No sound stage to speak of....

I know there are lots of great reviews...but I would never have bought the Fluance if I could have heard them against the Ascends...the Ascends cost 350 for a pair so not apples to apples.

If you can't swing something better than Fluance...save a little more...it is worth it.

I do have a set I would let go cheap though eek.gif
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