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Hello all,

I have a Pioneer PDP-428XD which, over the past year or so, has developed a buzzing noise well above normal. The buzz is clearly audible in low volume scenes and has become pretty distracting. I've read on this forum and elsewhere that this is a common issue, but I've not found any information regarding solutions.

I love this TV and don't want to give it up. Besides which, I don't have the money for a new TV of this calibre.

Anyway, in a state of curiosity, I took off the rear panel and listened to hear if particular components were responsible for the noise. It was difficult to properly pin-point, but I'm quite sure that these components pictured are causing the majority of the noise. Are they transistors?

So my question is this.

1. Has anyone here attempted to replace these components on the boards?

2. Has anyone had success in replacing entire boards to repair a buzzing issue?

I have found replacement boards on eBay, but they're not new, so I'm reluctant to try those.

Alternatively, I have found a website selling "Dealer Service Repair Kits" which include all the internal boards, but only for the PDP4280XD (I'm assuming the models don't use the same boards).

If anyone can help with advice or anything, I'd be extremely grateful!