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2nd sub for a KEF T-305 system...another T-2?

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Long time lurker, first time cal...er, poster. On the advice I've read here, I finally pulled the cord and bought into what's probably considered an entry-level system: Denon AVR-3312ci, KEF T-305, a Sony XBR-55, and a Sony Playstation 3 (had to have a BD player, right?). All now installed and working great, and I have to say (remember, no reference at all) I'm totally blown away by how good this sounds. I mean, *really* floored, especially considering the many compromises I have to deal with in my 'theater." By way of explaination, the room is open on one end into a kitchen, has bookshelves and cabinets floor to ceiling on the other end, and is only 9' wide by 14" long. The couch is against the back (longer) wall, facing the TV and speakers mounted on the opposite wall. The surrounds are mounted high, horizontal, and facing the couch, just 3" from the back wall. The T-2 sub is sitting on the floor, left side of the TV, facing the couch. Oh, and the room has bare Pergo "wood" flooring, no carpets. All that said, it still sounds great, but I'd like to add a little more bass to the mix for movie watching. So, finally, to the question. I really only see two options based on the way the room is configured (and reconfiguration is NOT an option, divorce is too expensive and would cut into my AV budget.)

1) Should I just get another T-2 and mount it on the other side of the TV?
2) Should I get another, larger, powered sub and place it against the wall next to the couch?

I've searched the forum but couldn't find anything that would help, so thanks for any help you can provide,

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According to the product page on the Kef website:
- 10" driver
- 250 mystery watts
- 30-250Hz +/- ?dB
- 15" (h) x 14.6" (w) x 7" (d)

Personally, I'd just replace the Kef with something like the SVS PB-1000 ($499, shipped):
- 10" driver
- 300W RMS
- 19-270Hz +/-3dB
- 19.7" (h) x 15" (w) x 20" (d) (incl. feet, grille and amp)

It will significantly outperform the T-2 in every possibly way.

If that sub's too big, the more-compact SVS SB-1000 ($499, shipped) will still easily outperform the Kef:
- 12" driver
- 300W RMS
- 24-260Hz +/-3dB
- 13.6" (h) x 13" (w) x 14" (d) (incl. feet, grille and amp)
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