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Ps3 and a receiver

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hello all,

ok i have my ps3 hooked via hdmi to my receiver and now it seems that sometimes the ps3 scren flickers and if it gets really bad you will see snow for a second or two. i cleaned the hdmi and replaced the cables and also clean both the ps3 and hdmi ports with air.

it doesnt happen all the time, anyone know the fix?

also sometimes games will freeze and i will have to manually reboot. i did a rebuild on the ps3 database and it seemed to be working fine but then it froze again.

any ideas appreciated
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try a different HDMI cable
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i should of said i tried that and still the same problem. it seems to only do it on the menu screens usually not when playing a dlna movie or when i play a video game - the flickering that is
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I wasn't clear either, did you try replacing both the HDMI PS3 to receiver and receiver to display? more basic troubleshooting questions....does the problem occur if you bypass your receiver? Do you have another HDMI source to try through the receiver?
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