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T.Warner, Atlas 1056BC03 remote, Yamaha VX-373BL rec'v

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Hello, I have T.Warner, Atlas 1056BC03 remote, and a Yamaha VX-373BL receiver.

So far I've been able to use www.urcsupport.com website to figure out that code 0176 works for turning off the Yamaha receiver, vol +/-, and cycle input.

What I can't seem to get to work is powering on the receiver. I scoured google for a couple hours and I though it was about time to make a post.

I found a couple similar threads for different remotes and similar yamaha equipment where people have mentioned yamaha have different on and off codes, and have managed to solve their problem.

ex: http://www.avsforum.com/t/976357/comcast-motorola-remote-code-for-yamaha-rx-v861
ex: http://www.remotecentral.com/cgi-bin/mboard/rc-remote/thread.cgi?9549

But I haven't been able work it out myself with my combination of devices.
I realize that this remote is a basic remote with limited features...
but I thought maybe someone else might've figured out something with another yamaha that i could at least try.
I would really like to take advantage of the remotes single button power on for all my devices, but don't think shelling out a hundred bucks for a harmony is worth an extra button press. frown.gif

I notice my remote seems to take 4 digit codes while all the solutions post 3 or 5 digit codes.
My universal remote experience is limited, can anyone comment on this?

Thanks in advance.
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Regarding 3, 4, and 5 digit codes, there are two kinds of codes. Nearly all universal remotes use setup codes, and the Atlas uses a 4 digit setup code, with the device type implied by the device button to which the setup code is assigned. Some other UEI remotes use 5 digits in which the first digit denotes the device type. Either method works fine. Many UEI remotes are also programmable by entering EFCs, and older remotes used a 3 digit scheme, while new remotes use a more flexible 5 digit scheme. Programming a remote with EFCs (frequently called keymoves) allows one to define new functions or re-define them. It would convenient if you could do that with your 1056B03, but the sad reality is the keymove feature has been omitted from it. (The 1056B01 does have keymove capability.)

However, it would surely be worthwhile to try setup code 0376 on the Audio device button. That setup code (as implemented in the 1056B03, but not in the RCA RCRP05B) can invoke device 122, 126, and 127. I'm not sure if the Power button will have been assigned function number 42 on device 126, but we can hope. If so, that would provide the Power toggle function to newer Yamaha receivers. It is also possible that UEI have placed one of the discrete on or off codes on the power button. You'll just have to try.

If that doesn't work, please consider buying a $20 JP1.3 flash cable. That will allow you to access any Yamaha receiver function-- and any other components you have.
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The concise answer you've provided cleared up a lot of what I've read but was a little confused about.

Will try that tonight when I get home and if not I will look into the flash cable.
I will also report back here in the event that anyone with the same device combination comes across this thread.

Thank you much.smile.gif
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Could not get it working sadly. Guess I will look into the flash cable.
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