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Thinking about upgrading from my Aura Pro shakers (4) is a single buttkicker anywhere similar to...

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I have been thinking about upgrading my shakers as we're shopping for a new sectional right now, originally I figured I would just add 4 more Auras to give me a total of 8 on the sectional (I run 4 off a single channel of my Crown while the other channel has never even been used) I could very easily add 4 more but after watching this hilarious video I feel like maybe I should 2-4 buttkickers instead. I keep reading nasty stuff about bottoming out though I never experienced anything I thought seemed unsatisfactory with the Auras but I would love to have my couch leap off the floor (lol)

Bottoming out below 35hz or whatever is kind of a real turn-off though... just how bad is this and how controllable without spending a fortune or getting a huge headache anyway?

What's going to have more impact as well... 8 Auras or 2-4 Buttkickers?
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Well, the first question is how large is your sectional? I've had 4 Aura's under a 7 foot couch. Just enough.
Also later on two under each home theater recliner. Just fine, and I miss 'em. Now I have new Seat Craft
home theater recliners, and it's gonna be difficult to mount them, lots of thing in the way...But I'll do it.

Sure, I guess Buttkickers are better, but you are talking more $$. The Aura's are better than just fine,
for what they do. You have to mount them correctly, and in the right spots.

vardo (video was funny)
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Yeah my Auras are pretty nice, EVERYONE loves them but they're not used to stuff like that... people think it's the coolest thing but the Buttkickers just look mean by comparison, I have my Auras mounted real solid and I am impressed by them but there's just never enough! I am sure adding 4 more Auras would be great but just thinking maybe a few buttkickers would be a huge difference (I have never experienced them but that video was great... he has 2 of them on there with a solid sheet of wood under the sofa as the mounting point)

Sofas I am looking at are basically Boomerang shaped, equal length on both sides with 4 main cushions (recliner on each side) and the center section with leg room (not a 90 degree corner) so it's actually not that big, I'd say about standard 96" or so each way end to end like two normal couches together but overlapping each other for the corner.
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Just going by your 192" size I personally think 4 more aura's would work.

I had a 7 ft couch (84") and 4 shakers were plenty. but 96" each way is a lot of area to
cover, although it is more than twice the size of the couch I had by 24", 4 more shakers would be fine.
Don't know about the corner area you talk about.

I have no experience with Buttkickers. Also IMO hard wood is not the ideal wood to use.
It's strictly a matter of taste. I think 1' X 6" pine would be fine....transmits energy better.

If you go with the Buttkickers, I would contact the seller/company and tell them what
you are going to try to achive. That way you will know which unit(s) to go with.

Just my opinion....I really don't think know if the Buttkickers are better as far
as vibration, or if they are worth the extra bucks. smile.gif

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I absolutely love my aura pros. I have two running off of a Dayton apa 150. One aura per couch and have to have the gain way down because otherwise they are down right obnoxious. I know that most people have to run multiple aura pros per couch but in both ( identical) couches there is a main support that runs the middle third length of the couch. I have the aura mounted on the middle of that support and wow does it shake that support well!
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Hi there,
I can only say both products are good but the Buttkicker wins it out over all for me. The shear force and impact just one makes to someone’s setup (when setup correctly) is a whole other dimension to your movies/Video games. (I use 4) When I say setup I'm talking about using good rubber isolators under the couch / chair or platform your using to really feel the real world results from either bass shakers or Buttkickers. I've been using these types of units sense the early 90's even making my own DIY as well as putting 6 8" or 10" subs under the couch in boxes to shake the couch(2 per cushion). The real fun started when I final found the Buttkicker. The Amp combo package they sell is a great all in one or if you like more, expand on it.(The 1000 watt amp runs up to 4 Buttkickers) They are worth every penny you spend and they have great support and knowledge in helping you find the right product they offer as well as the proper isolators needed for your type of install. But not to beat a dead horse isolation and un-earthing the item you want to shake makes a dramatic difference in how both of these units work. I can tell you the ultra low frequency that the Buttkicker can muster up is so much more impactful then the Bass Shakers. The piston inside has a much further stroke then a Bass Shaker thus more power handling and more force are achieved. I believe it’s a 2” stroke p.p. But as any type of motion speaker unit it does have a limit and will smack and bottom out. When that happens and your not satisfied you have to ask. Is my setup done correctly and isolated from earth. Am I playing it to loud? Do I need to purchase another unit and if so will it add that little bit extra needed to kick me to that next shaking level?
Have Fun
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