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Tuner troubles or cable company?

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HI, I purchased the UN32EH5000 approx 8 weeks ago. All seemed fine, great picture etc until a few days ago. Thing is, I don't know if the trouble lies in my set or in the local cable broadcasting.

I connect directly to the wall with no STB etc and receive the QAM channels. I had always received several stations plus the local stations in HD. I am in San Diego North County and am using TWC basic package.

Recently what has started happening is this. I might be watching a channel say 6-1 and the TV will go blank and say "weak signal". I then scroll thru the channels to find that several channels, usually 69-1 and 10-1 are doing the same, while I can still tune in several other channels.

If I wait a while the channels may eventually return and sometimes they return if I do a re scan. Last night after my re scan I found that I was receiving the NFL Network which is obviously not a channel I should be getting. This morning the NFL channel was gone but a couple of other random channels were in my added channel list, ones in the 700 range with no picture.

This is starting to bug me for the past few days and I still have 4 weeks left to return the TV to COSTCO without trouble. Would another set do the same, is this a tuner issue or is my cable company messed up?

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Sounds like your cableco is using SDV (switched digital video). Channel frequency assignments are being changed/allocated when required. It's probably not a problem with your TV's tuner.
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It's most likely not your TV. "Obviously" Time Warner is making changes to their channel lineup and/or to other cable connections in your neighborhood.

However, you might check to make sure all of the coaxial cable connections within your home are twisted tight so they make good contacts. Often older homes have cable runs and splitters which are no longer being used. All of the unused splitters, at least, should be removed, possibly replaced by a jumper cable or adapter. Every time the cable company's signal goes through a splitter, the signal level is cut in half or worse. If you're renting, you might need to contact the building's owner, depending on where the cables go.
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Thank you for the replies. I was thinking it was most likely the cableco but had a bit of a panicky moment.
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