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Newbie Here, need help picking a projector

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Ok, i'll start off by saying i am on a budget. I was going to get a 60" TV for around 700 but i thought i would look into this first.

The projector will be used only a couple times a week, Movie night, and weekend gaming.

I am making my own screen after seeking out help from a few people.

I already have the surround sound system

So now all i need is the projector.

My only issue is debating between 720p native and 1080p native. Is there really a HUGE difference when it comes to those resolutions?

I have been searching ebay for a while now and i can find native 720p units anywhere from $300-$500 and native 1080p for $500 - 800

For as much as i use it, is it really going to be that big of a deal?
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Higher resolution works better when you need to read fine text -- like the credits for movies.

Some Blu-ray players have problems with some 720p projectors. I had to help one person figure out how to set the output resolution of his player to a fixed 720p before it would work with his projector. The player's setup menu would output at 1080p, but the projector wouldn't actually scale it down to show it. He just got a blank screen. In principle, that shouldn't happen with modern projectors, but it's something to be aware of. (It worked fine with a TV, so he used that to set the player's resolution before plugging it into the projector.)
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Perception of the differences in 720p and 1080p comes down to screen size and viewing distance. See this link that charts the benefit of various resolutions in terms of screen size vs. viewing distance. For example, with perfect human vision viewing a 100" screen 720p and 1080p would look the same at 20' and greater. Your would begin to see the benefit of 1080p any closer than 20', and would see the full benefit of 1080p at a distance of 13'.

That said, I use a 720p projector with 100" screen right at 13' viewing distance and find the image to be very good. It's possible a 1080p image would be sharper, but so far I've decided the 720p image is more than acceptable. I'm even in the process of upgrading projectors and have decided to go with another 720p model, opting to add 3D capabilities instead of upgrading to 1080p for roughly the same price... but then that's a question of personal preferences, priorities, and subjective diminishing returns.
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thanks for the tips. I think i am going to go in at a 92" screen. I did find a mint 1080p native projector on ebay with 355/4000 hours logged for $500. Might get that.
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300 hours isn't really "mint". Also, some projectors will let you change the number of hours. I'm not saying that the particular seller has done that, but make sure you can return the projector for a refund if it doesn't work or if the bulb fails within a short amount of time.
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thanks for the help guys, i found this projector, Dell M110 720p LED Projector w/remote for $400, its 1280x800 and rated for 20k hours. Its small, but it looks sweet. I have seen videos of it online. What do you guys think as a starter projector?

Also, my basement is pitch black when the lights are off, so it will be well suited down there
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