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Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy an LED TV for my bedroom. My preferences are great picture quality, and 42 or 40 inches. I don't care about 3D, Smart features or # of HDMI connections. However although not a priority I would be concerned abut a 42 inch TV's refresh rate being 60Hz.. I'm looking at these two TVs: The Samsung Samsung UN40ES6003 and The Sony KDL40EX440

I'm looking to see which one is probably gonna have a better picture quality, and if gaming and fast scenes would be a problem as far as blurring goes, on the Sony, since it's 60Hz. I'm honestly leaning towards the Sony, but then the Samsung has a refresh rate of 120Hz. I know the Samsung model just came out last month so I doubt anyone here has had experience with this particular model, but has anyone had experience with the Samsung UN40EH6000 which is a very similar model? Also has anyone here owned the Sony Ex440? If so, what's your experience with them? I also prefer having a TV that doesn't lag while gaming on them. Also again picture quality is # 1 priority for me. Has anyone ever had a 42 inch LED/LCD with 60Hz? I'm looking to see if blurring is a big problem on a 42 inch having 60Hz. Would anyone here buy the Samsung just for the refresh rate? I would like to hear your opinions, and any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!