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Hello everyone. I posted this in the tv board but found out this may be a better area to get a technical assessment.

I just got my new vizio m3d550kd and it's fantastic but when I plus my pc in through HDMI/DVI it seems to recognize it as a PC input and disables the advanced picture settings, it doesn't even show up as an option. Whats interesting is that it shows up when in a 3D game or application but not when I'm on my desktop. I have access to brightness/contrast but that's about it. But I'd like to activate some of the motion and post processing stuff if possible. I've looked and looked and I can't seem to find anyone with this issue.

I've got a desktop running from a dvi into the vizio m3d550kd's hdmi port. I've searched the menus and can't seem to find anything so is there a trick or something I can enable on my PC to make the tv think it is just another hdmi device...?

I've been reading up on EDID and DDC but so far I don't see anything concrete.