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H/K AVR 1700 and PS3 Issues--Please Help!!!

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I am a relative noob to quality home theatre equipment. My wife and I just purchased a Harman Kardon AVR 1700 to go along with a klipsch 5.1 setup and Sony Bravia 46" 240hz Class-LED 3D TV. We have our cable box going into an HDMI input in the AVR as well as the PS3. The TV is hooked up via the HDMI ARC. Everything is working flawlessly, EXCEPT when we try to use our PS3 to watch netflix, play a CD, etc. The best way to describe it is that it seems like the signal from the PS3 skips or cuts out for a second or two and then comes back in. At first, we thought it was the receiver. We exchanged it for a new receiver. It happened again, and we thought it might be the HDMI cable, so we bought a brand new, top-of-the-line monster cable. It still does it. I called H/K tech support and tried a processor reset on the AVR. It still does it.

Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to fix it?!?!

Thanks so much!
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Make sure the Sony PS3 and Bravia display have the latest firmware installed..

Just my $0.02... wink.gif
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Yeah, firmware is updated.
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Hi, I can relate.

In 2 different projector setups I experienced the exact same issue. The problem is due to video syncing issues when in the menu interface and all playstation apps. Once entered into a game or blu ray the issue dissapears for me. For some reason the output signal from the menu/os isn't as robust as when in games or other software ie bluray.

PS3 direct to projector worked flawlessly. Annoying.... even with signal bypass mode in avr.

Apparently, the issue is common for HDMI runs 12' or longer and may be due to voltage\signal drop in the line. To tell easily, change your PS3 video output resolution settings to 480p and test. Then 720p test. Then 1080i test. If you find the issue is apparent only in 1080p, and you have a longish HDMI run, you have signal issues and likely need a powered HDMI extender or eliminate the interference if you can find it (bundled cords etc.) Hope this helps.

Good luck.
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