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looking for some major help with subs in basement

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I have an ongoing problem with sub output in my basement home theater... I'll attach a couple of pictures and also an overall layout of the room below shortly. No matter on placement of the subs I can get "ok" output from 2 15 inch LMS-R's and 1 18" dayton HO sub (the new one). Both around in ~6 cubic foot ported boxes. I'm running 2 subs on 1 ep4000 and another on a crown xls 1500. So plenty of power. I have a projector setup at one end of the wall. Everything is controlled by a Denon 4311CI receiver I bought specifically for dual sub support and XT32.

Long story is I started with a pioneer receiver I got from newegg.. It sounds "meh" cause the bass was lacking.. I upgrade to a different Denon with Audessey xt.. then I finally upgraded to XT32.. The pioneer was the worst for sub output.. Then Denon XT based receiver was a pretty big upgrade and not much difference going to the Denon with XT32..

I've tried different sub placements but I can't ever find a "sweet" spot with any combination of 3 subs. In testing I've run just the 18" Dayton And I can get some areas that the sub output almost makes it difficult to talk but if I go to the listening position it almost sounds like a small 10" sub. As a comparison I have 1 12" subwoofer in my living room with a smaller home theater for watching tv and stuff. That sub sounds so much more impressive.. I'm pretty sure it is just massive nulls in the basement due to the stupid layout as well as where I have the seating.. I really can't change the seating though nor move the screen for the project as I can't see the room layout being different (between the lighting and everything else).

So I'm at my wits end.. I was really hoping XT32 would have corrected my output.. Don't get me wrong, it helped, but I'm just not there yet.. I think with the Pioneer 1021-K I was at 20% output.. the Denon with XT32 I'm at a solid 50-60% at listening position.. I really want to get the last 30% out of it where I think it should be.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.. I'm looking for room treatment ideas (specific ones) and any other ideas that will help destroy these horrible nulls though the main seating area and in the basement in general.

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Maybe just a last ditch effort.. so I'm going to bump my thread.. I'm wondering how much the ceiling would affect the bass response in the room. Simply put that is one of the main oddities of the room. In the ceiling I have 2 sections where it is about 10 inches lower than the rest of the ceiling. You can see it best in the second picture down.

I was thinking of making my own fiberglass based traps surrounding those top 2 lower points...

Any ideas?

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do a sub crawl test. Meaning put the sub in the listening seat and crawl around on the floor until you hear what you like. Also make sure that the phasing is correct between the subs or they will cancel each other out. Subs can be very tricky and there are some write ups out there that can help you out. I will see if I can find them. Good luck
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Sounds like you've tried all of the obvious things and you know what you are doing. Looks pretty tough from the pictures and layout. Dont really know what to tell you other than the front 2 subs being near the stairwell seems like a bad place. Have you moved them behind the seating area? It gets pretty complicated when using 3 subs especially when they are not all the same.
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If you feel like some experiments...Try these iterations and see how each one sounds. Make notes.

1a) Move the 18" sub (I think I see it along the left rear wall). Put it right between the two seats, as if an end table, facing forward. Feed it from one of the sub outputs. Feed the 12"subs from the other sub output. Run the XT32 setup.

1b) Turn off the 12” subs. Run the XT32 setup

2a) Move the 12" subs, placing one behind each seat, facing forward. Connect them to the same sub output. 18" sub turned on. Run the XT32 setup.

2b) Turn off the 18" sub. Run the XT32 setup

3a) Move the 12" subs to the side walls, flanking the seats, aiming towards the seats. Run the XT32 setup. 18" sub turned on. Run the XT32 setup.

3b) Turn off the 18" sub. Run the XT32 setup
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You should post this in "Subwoofers, Bass and Transducers". Safe bet you will get more feedback.
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