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No Video at all

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I cannot get any video out put to my TV. I only have a set top box and two HDMI cables and it is not working. I have triple checked the in and out HDMI lines. I am at a loss.
Has anybody had this type of problem,, by the way, I reset it as per page 125 of the manual.
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Maybe you could tell us what make and model of TV, Receiver, and Cable box you are using?
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Denon avr1912 amplifier and a Westinghouse 40 inch flat screen. There is a Motorola cable box as well. Got a forum that told me to turn the amp off for 10 minutes to reset it, which I did overnight. In addition last night I did the reset on the Denon amplifier as well. This morning nothing works.
I bought the amp as a refurb about a year ago, maybe it died, however it was working two day ago.
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Have you gone direct from the cable box to the TV, just to isolate the problem to the receiver for sure?
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Yes, the tv works fine through the set top box. It must be something I am missing or the HDMI output is broken
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Try connecting the HDMI cable from the box to each and every HDMI input on the AVR to see if any of them work. If not, you may want to try replacing the HDMI cables. Otherwise, HDMI connections should be plug-n-play for the most part.
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Thanks for your guidance, but I have tried all those permutations and believe thatcher HDMI output I'd not working. Regrettably, I am taking it to a rair shop since it is out of warranty.
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Check with your credit card company as they may add a 2nd year of warranty (Amex will for sure and some MC/Visa will as well).
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