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WMC Crashes When Turning Off Tv HDCP Issues SOLUTION!

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Hey Guys,

Just whated to share this with you! If you guys are expieruincing crashes with wmc when watching movies or live tv when you change inputs or switch the tv off. it is a handshake issue between the hdmi devices. Here are some solutions i have found.

1. HDMI Detective Plus

HDMI Detective Plus is a device that remebers the EDID of the Reciever/Tv and then sits between the PC and reciever/tv and when the device is turned off it tricks the computer in still thinking there is a connection, I just bought this thing yesterday and got it in the mail. It did work for me but not with my nvidia gt 640. I got HDCP issues/Errors? however it did work with the intergrated graphics. The only issue i am expierincing is 24p refresh rate is no longer availbile for watching blu rays. Not a huge deal but after finding tthe next solution I will be returning.

2. Another drawback to the HDMI Detective Plus is it 85 dollars and a simple driver (software problem) could fix it. MonInfo reads the EDID's and build a driver that does fix the problem! Here are the instructions:

1. Download a program called Moninfo which reads the EDID info for your monitor

2. If you have an AVR, disconnect it and connect directly to the TV with HDMI otherwise skip this step

3. Run Moninfo, click on your TV manufacturer's name, and click File->Create INF and save it as DISPLAY.inf or something such as that

4. If you have an AVR reconnect it in the chain, run Moninfo again, click on your AVR manufacturer's name and click File->Merge extension bloc with INF and merge it into DISPLAY.inf that you just created.

5. Go to device manager and replace the Generic PnP monitor driver with your new INF.

Boom everything works

### I did expierince an issue with this again using my gt 640 Nvidia card. However it worked flawless with my HD4000 graphics on the MB.

3. I have heard and may be a good solution and possibly work better then the detective plus is a HDMI switch or splitter. An hdmi switch between the devices will always stay on and have a EDID of its own and will trick the pc as well. It needs to be HDCp compliant i imagine most are.

So here are some solutions. If you are having issues with moninfo or HDM detective try a differeny graphics card.

again this will fix the WMC issues with switching inputs and turning off the tv while watching live tv or movies. Please feel free to ask questions.

This informaton has been listed in this forum i apologize if this is a repeat but want to get it out, Nothing is more annoying then these issues you have on your brand new HTPC.

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I had that issue, or a similar one. I solved it by having my Harmony send a stop signal as part of power off. No more crashes!
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