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I have a Foxconn NT-A3500 barebones kit with Win 7 and using a Rosewill IR receiver for their MCE remote. I am using this primrarily for XBMC. I have programmed my Logitech Harmony with an activity to Turn on TV, change to HDMI 1, and Power Toggle to my HTPC.

I can get it to turn off the TV and put the HTPC to sleep. However after a few minutes or hours I will try to wake the PC with the Harmony with the activity. The TV turns on to the correct HDMI input. However the PC doesn't wake and I need to press the Power Toggle button I programmed on the Harmony to get it to wake. I have to this 4 or 5 times.

It seems as if the USB takes a few seconds to recognize a command from the remote to wake the computer.

I have googled the problem and can't seem to get a fix. I have gone into the BIOS and turned off my USB3 ports and to wake from USB2. I have gone into Windows and changed the Advanced Power controls for USB selective suspend to Disabled. I have also gone to Device Manager and USB section and disabled in PowerManagement to allow the computer to turn off this device.

Can anyone suggest a fix? I guess it's not to hard to manually press the Power Toggle button since I programmed it as an Extra button on the Harmony,