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Am I Nuts?

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I love old movies and watched a couple today. The Roaring Twenties with Jimmy Cagney and Mr Deeds Goes to Town with Gary Cooper.

I have the Epson 5010 and it supposedly reads the disc and adjusts the screen for 4.3 aspect. It's possible to flip a button to Zoom and the film's edges stretch to the entire screen.

Both films filled the screen without me doing a thing. I went into Aspect and it was on Normal and was not changeable.

Most of the time it looked fine though it's DVD and not Blu Ray. However at points everyone seemed shorter and fatter. Which is of course an aspect of stretching an image. But, the projector says Normal which is not stretching the image.

Am I seeing things that aren't there, or were actors not as skinny as they look on a much smaller screen?

Actually I just looked up on IMDB these movies were 1.37:1. I wonder what I can do about that.
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If the projector is not stretching the image, your player is.
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