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Help with no cable (as in time warner) Setup

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Hello everyone - I'm hoping for some options on the best way to set things up.

We are getting rid of cable b/c we just don't watch live TV. 99% of the stuff we watch is via DVR.
For the past month - we have been watching HULU and it works fine - so we are ditching cable.
I also have a media server upstairs to serve movies, music, and other stuff.

Ideally Id like to find an all in one option that just works - no hitting switches or anything - just to make it wife friendly as possible.

Here is the current set up.

Main living room - Pioneer Elite PRO-1000HD (Component input - no DVI or HDMI)
Pioneer VSX-1021 receiver
Western Digital Live TV (Media Player)
TWC DVR (this is going away)
I control the inputs to the display via the receiver. (This one is currently wife friendly - she can control everything from her ipad - or the main remote control)

Bedroom - Old Sony Plasma (i mean this thing is like 2nd generation plasma - was used as a display for a marketing firm that I bought at an auction. Great picture still) Again - Component input only
Western Digital Live TV (media player)
TWC DVR(this is going away as well)
Sound bar for audio
I have a manual A/B Component switch to switch between the DVR and media player

Both the media players only have HDMI out - so I run them into a HDMI -> Component + audio box to feed the displays.

Upstairs - Sony WEGA DLP (forget the model number) - more inputs than I can count
PS3 - (this can pick up the media server)
TWC cable box

The game plan is that the TWC boxes are going away.
I can get HULA & Netflix thru the media players.
I can get other movies from the server to the media players.

I would like to add an OTA antenna (Looking at Channel Master CM 4228HD)
Ideally - Id like to somehow be able to feed this to the media server and pipe it out to the other TVs - not really sure if this is even doable.

With the cable box gone - how does the antenna feed into the system?
With the exception of the upstairs TV - none of them have a cable input.

The WD Live boxes are a little flaky - Ideally I'd love to find one w/ a passthru for the OTA stuff.
Anyone have any recommendations for other media players?

Also - I'd love to hear any other options/setups others have.


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Better asked in the Media Server / Streamer forum... You'll need an OTA tuner for your media server and a DVR package (MythTV?).
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