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Decision Time: Which Manufacturer?

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To set the stage here is my videophile background. I have owned an Hitachi 51" RPTV for the last ten years. It has been flawless in its service with absolutely no down time. I still have a Mitsubishi 3103 33" CRT that has performed admirably for 23 years. Whichever television is selected will be connected to an Onkyo TX-SR805, Sony BDP-570, PS3, Denon SACD, and a DVR. The room is 22 X 15 and is below ground with the the only windows behind the TV. Our per week viewing time is split between 9-12 hours of network programs, 5-10 hours of NFL or TGC, and perhaps 6-8 hours of Blu-Ray.

I have narrowed my search to either a 50" plasma from Panasonic or LG with second choice going to an LCD/LED from Sharp or LG. After extensive viewing of all these and reading this forum for many hours, my decision rests on the following issues.

- how long will Panasonic make plasmas?

- will Sharp stay in business to supply replacement parts?

- in the long term will LCD/LED panels provide good picture quality?

- is Samsung QC as terrible as I've been reading here and elsewhere?

I do NOT need this to turn into the typical plasma vs LCD flame war as there are plenty of these around the forum. I know and understand the technical benefits, problems and urban myths surrounding both types.

Please stay on topic and I thank you all for your input.
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Gee, no opinions from all the experienced people here? I'm not trolling and do need some advice from those who are long term panel users.
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I'd opt for the Panny plasma. Doesn't matter how long Panny makes plasmas imo. There will always be parts. My Kuro has held its value real well and they stopped making it about 3 years ago.
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Thanks and that is a good start. Right now the 50" Panasonic is the first choice unless a screaming bargain appears closer to Christmas.
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If you are worried about warranty or the existence of your warranty down the road - in the event the manufacturer you chose folds or abandons its business - then simply purchase your set from a dealer that extends its own warranty on the TV. I was fully targeting Costco as the source for my next TV... here in Canada every TV you purchase is covered by Costco's 2 year warranty (NOT manufacturer warranty) and I know from experience Costco's warranty is great; you don't "like" it bring it back, even after a year. They also well extended warranties that add up to 3 additional years I believe (so we're talking like a 5 year kick ass warranty). As horrible as those 59" Samsung plasmas were in total panel failure rate I was actually eyeballing them at Costco when they were selling for $999 CAD. Only reason I went with a Panasonic was b/c we knew someone at corporate who could hook us up. But a year from now if my TV ever dies or starts to BUZZ like crazy and my warranty is up, I may very well lament not buying from Costco.

Doesn't places like amazon.com cover you with their warranty?
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I vote Panny..
Just got a GT and love it,,still have an S2 and even an old 32" CRT still going strong in the basement
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Do you want the most real-to-life picture possible at an affordable price? PDP from Panasonic is really the only choice smile.gif
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Thanks for all your suggestions. Right now, the 50" Panasonic 3D plasma at $899 is in the lead. There is a cheaper 50" at Costco for $689 and its SKU ends in "54" rather than 50. I assume it is a Costco only version of the lowest end 50" Panny.
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