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Lexicon MC12B (non-HD) Calibration bug?

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Have any of you MC12B (non-HD) owners experienced a bug in the calibration routines like this:

One channel gets no signal during the internally-generated calibration signal tests. This includes both the 'whoop' sounds and the whitenoise.

History of the problem:

Rev level: V4 Room EQ.

After moving across the country, I needed to change the system over from 7.1 to 5.1 for a while.
After setting the cross-over options for the rear speakers to 'not present', I ran calibration . No problems.
Then, after setting up my new room, I changed back to 7 active speakers.
Now, calibration produces no signal for the Left Side speaker (# 7 in the calibration noise sequence).
This is not due to a dead speaker. Sourced audio sends signals correctly, and swapping the left for right speakers at the amp causes the behavior to switch over to the right speaker (now 7th in the calibration sequence).

Temporary workaround:
SInce the side speaker placements are symmetrical w.r.t. the listening position, I manually set the LE speaker using calibrated distance and level infromation from the RE speaker. So the system runs and is roughly balances, but I can't get to the Room EQ menus due to the speaker not present error.

I did send a message to Lexicon support through the Lex web page, but since the unit is discontinued, I'm not sure an answer will be forthcoming.

Hoping I don't have to reset the system to troubleshoot this one!
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Although I don't own the same model as you ( mine's a 12BHD) I also experienced missing test tones. In my case the tones went missing from the subwoofer channels but playback of movies and music still produced the appropriate sounds in the sub channels. I ended up sending it in for repairs which were done for a very reasonable cost.
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dryeye :
I did get a callback from Lexicon Support (Thanks Greg!). Seems like the recommendation (sned in for repairs) is the same in my case.
Since only the actual calibration sounds are missing , he thinks it is almost certainly hardware related.

What was the turnaround time for your repair?
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About 3 weeks total round trip. Mine was a faulty chip. Otherwise it ran fine. I did wait months before parting with it since I had no backup preamp to use. Pyramid Audio in Texas did the work.
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