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amps? Eq? marantz?

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In the process of looking to upgrade my receiver I've been playing around with the idea of separates. My current 7.1 setup consists of Monitor Audio Rx speakers, Hsu Vtf15 sub with a Onkyo 5009. I find the MA Onkyo combo is a tad bright for me. I had pleasure of listening to my speakers with an arcam and WOW! a receiver on steroids, anyhow no sub eq swayed me towards Onkyo and multi xt 32. Don't get me wrong i enjoy the onkyo very much but just can't unhear that arcam sound.

I guess what I'm thinking of are these options unless anyone else have any suggestions
arcam fmj400 with a sub eq and if so which eq?
marantz 8801 with emotiva amps ( In all honesty this one is a little steep for me now and would have to get them separately but willing to)
marantz av7005 with emotiva amps (great price right now but no multi xt 32)

Thank you guys so much I really appreciate your time.
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denon 4311 on closeout...
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I vote get the Arcam and move your sub around to make it behave. Try one, you wont be dissapointed.
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Denon 4311ci?
I forgot all about it.
Sounds like a plan.
It can be used as a pre-pro too if I recall right?
I,ve heard great reviews on outlaw amps any suggestions?
Arcam is great, I had one for a short while but the sound would keep dropping especially with my cable box. It was the fmj360, i was wiling to keep it even with it, but there is a scene in twilght breaking dawn pt1 where edward and bella jump in the water and wow I felt my stomach literally sink like if I was on a roller coaster, with the arcam my sub just kind of burped. The sub was in the same place.
I'll never forget the arcam sound though, any ideas on eq's and amps before i make my final decision.

Thank you guys for all your help I really appreciated it.
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I see now. Classic "I'm bored, lets buy" cycle happening. tongue.gif

The 4311 is at best a peer of the 5009 just looking specs wise and reviews.... Why wouldn't you just keep it and be happy?

If you are looking for an upgrade, sound wise, you will have to go into high end separates and probably lose some features. AVS is not the place to get objective opinions on this. wink.gif Go to dealers and listen to as many as you can and go from there.

Why wouldn't you keep what you have and invest in your listening area in other ways? ie treatments etc. it could better value considering you already have a great avr.....

Cheers and good luck.
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