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Pioneer 52's vs Fluance?

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So I have the PK-51FS package if that is what its called? And I think they sound kinda of dry... more cold than dry, the treble lacks sparkle, it there and detailed and I don't really notice it with games or movies but with music I immediately prefer my KRK monitors. Also the Towers seem short.

So the new 52 speakers apparently sound better and the towers are 3" taller, but then I would need someone to buy my old speakers and it just seems like a big hassle for not much gain.

Now I'm big in to value (5.0 for $230!) I'm basically a broke audiophile so I'm also looking at the direct competition the Fluance SXHTB but I could even afford the $629 SVHTB and $799 XLHTB, but my question is, the last two have 8" subs in the towers... how do I hook those up? wouldn't they take a lot of power vs the other channels? for bi wiring do you need a special receiver with powered sub outs? and is anything recorded in 7.2? and wouldn't a separate 10" or 12" from BIC or Polk or something be better?
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nobody in on the cheap good sounding system debate?
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I have the pioneers and actually really enjoy them, plus a Klipsch RW12d for $299. I have never even demo'd the Fluance and so I honestly cant give you any advice. There are plenty of budget bookshelfs...but budget towers are not exactly growing on trees that are considered good. Maybe some of the Cheaper Polks when they are on sale?
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I haven't heard either of these but from some of the other postings I have seen, the Fluance XL series is preferred by some over the Polk Monitor 70's and below. Other Polk series would be a different story. Audioholics reviewed the Fluance XL7 towers and wrote that the bass is a bit too much so it is better to be set up as a small speaker through the receiver with a low crossover to a dedicated sub to help offload some of the bass from the tower.


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