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Buffering and freezing issues  

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I purchased the BDT 210 a little of a year ago. I have two issues that still cannot resolve.

First is the unit freezes up when playing any Bluray rental disk e.g. Netflix or Redbox. The same disks would play successfully on a non Wifi Panasonic DVD player. I have purchased Bluray disks; some have no issues while others freeze randomly, again all of these have zero issues playing on the non Wifi Panasonic player. I verified that my firmware is up to date. Why would some videos play and others not on this player but all play on a different Panasonic player with no probem?

Secondly, I rent movies via VUDU, Amazon and Netflix. I have never encountered any issues with Netflix. When trying to watch movies through Amazon and VUDU I get constant buffering even on SD.

I configured the BDT 210 to connect via wireless. My ISP speed is 20 mbps. I performed a speed test and line test; no issues with speed and no packet loss.

ISP had me use WPA PSK instead of WPA2 due to apparent issues with the WPA2. Still encountered buffering after switching to WPA PSK.

Tried setting static IP and DNS; still encountered buffering. Panasonic support says that when connecting via wireless the unit needs to be within 5 meters of the router. I'm not able to do this so my only option is to purchase a LAN wall adapter, though I've not seen anything on this in my research. In fact, I believe I've seen some posts that some are experiencing buffering issues when hard wired.

Since I've seen some similar comments out there for other units I'm not ready to run out and buy another just yet but I'm certainly frustrated.....there's got to be an explanation and something to resolve this. Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks so much.
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The mods ask that we use the dedicated player threads (plus you'll get more responses if you use the Panny 210 thread).
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