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I am a stay at home dad who has spent the majority of my career in the customer service industry, around a month ago my wife and I decided to trade in our 1995 Sony and buy a new flat screen for our family room. The next couple of weeks I spent the spare time that I have doing research what kind of TV gives the best picture Plasma LED or LCD along with checking out the latest Blue Ray player and what type of home theater system should we go with 2:1 or 5:1. A couple of weeks have past and black Friday is upon us and we find incredible prices on what we are looking for only problem I am not happy with any of the mount that I am looking at, reviews on mounts don’t really help much.
The television is going in our back family room which is also part of our dining room and kitchen one long open space separated only by carpet and hardwood floors. I know that the best position for this plasma is going to be over the fire place where the mantel is 5”6” tall and sticks out 10” from the wall, I’m not really sure that we’re going to like leaning back to watch TV but because of the length and width of the room no other choice. The TV has shown up and still waiting on the other 2 items and I still have no idea how to mount this TV, if only someone made a mount that would come out and down from the wall. I know what it would look like and have talked about it in the past, just I have no means in fabrication.
Finally I found a mount that was motorized and did what I wanted it to do but no way would I pay that amount for a TV mount, that’s more than what we were spending on the entire theater system. Then it happened I met Kurt Massey who works for and after talking to him and reading the reviews and seeing the pictures our choice was easy we had to have the Down and Out over the fireplace TV mount. The mount showed up on the day Kurt said it would, I knew exactly where the mount had to go, when all said and done the TV is amazing above the fireplace and drops down to eye level. We could not ask for anything more from a company. This project needed much work all while watching my 3 yr and 6 months old boys.

Thank you Dynamic Mounting