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Help with DIY AT screen and projector selection.

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Just recently built a LCR set of tower speakers that sound amazing. But the down side is that they are huge, and the make my 58" plasma look tiny.

So im thinking of doing a projector setup.

Main uses: 40% movies, 30% tv (football important), 30% games.

I would like to build a wall to conceal the the speakers, but i dont think that will be an option with the old lady as she doesnt want to shrink the basement in size.

Attached is a sketchup of the basement. Directly in front of the main couch is a vent the drops the ceiling down for 7 foot to 6 1/2. The couch sits about 11 feet away from the screen now.

I need an AT screen to place in front of the speakers, but since i cant build a wall it will be about a foot and a half out from the wall. How would you mount or sespend the screen like this? any examples?

It seems spandex is the way to go for AT diy screens, but white over silver or silver over white? I like a brighter image and the room is light controlled.

Projector wise im looking into the benqw7000 or the optoma HD33. 3d isnt that important but 1080p is. I dont want to spend more that 2000$. Any options that I am overlooking?


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Looks like you built a SEOS speaker! Which one? Looks like maybe the Dayton designer 12.

I'd go silver over white because football is important, so I'm guessing you have your buddies over with snacks out and a light on. People get up to grab a beer and turn on the bar light. Etc. I went this route, and during anything but extreme black out I'm quite happy I did.

I know it's well below your budget, but the pro8200 is quite the light Beamer. Probably won't come close to the benq7000 for movies, but if you like the idea of saving over $1000, it'll probably serve you well.
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Oh, you have low ceilings. Never mind on the pro 8200.
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Yeah there SEOS designer 12's. They sound amazing really happy with how they turned out.

after double checking ceiling height its 7 1/2 not 7. But the vent drops down to 6' 8" right in front of the couch. I know im gonna have to build something that will drop the projector down below the vent, just wondering if anyone else has come across an issue like this.
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Given those parameters, maybe a short throw projector would be the ideal fit.
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It really is hard to discount the importance of lens shift. I have an HD3300 and you have to be bloody exact and make sure you know the exact offset of the projector and its zoom capabilities (of which the HD33 has almost none) or you will be sacrificing picture quality or size. Check this site out for calculating exactly what you need:


If you don't mind sporting the extra coin, the BenQW7000 will have much better placement flexibility than the HD33. That said, specs show that the picture quality is very similar so I'd suggest getting the BenQ only if you are really limited placement-wise as you'd be spending $700 just for that.

I would go for white over grey if totally light controlled as you will get a brighter image, but if you have a white ceiling (can't see it in the pics) you may want to go with grey as it will help keep the contrast as the white will wash it out with a bright ceiling.

If you need to be a foot and a half out from your wall, I would screw some 2x4's into wall studs and build out a bracket made out of 2x4's (two triangle 2x4 brackets), then attach a French cleat on each of the brackets and then to your screen, then mount it up. It will look as if it's floating.

French cleats:


This is what I would do if I was in your situation, but it may/may not work for what you want. Anyone else care to help out?
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