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It still works, but it often cuts off at higher volumes (especially depending on source material - some Blu-rays are highly problematic, others not so much). It's not as bad as it used to be - I re-did all my wiring with banana plugs a while back at the advice of some folks on this forum and I can usually use it at pretty comfortable volume levels now, but it's still annoying.

So, given this criteria, I was wondering what you guys would suggest?

- Not exactly driving great speakers - Infinity P362's/PC350, some ancient Athena bookshelf rears, and a Polk PSW110 (but except for probably replacing the rear's soon I'm pretty content with my setup)
- I have a DVDO iScan Duo so I'm not really concerned much with anything to do with video processing
- Otherwise pretty happy with the Onkyo and how it sounds

So here's the real question: can I keep the Onkyo 805 and get an amplifier to take some stress off of it?

Alternatively, should I just replace it with an 818 (or similarly-priced receiver from another manufacturer) or get something plus an amp?

I can spend $800-$1000, but I'd really rather not (especially if I only really need one or the other).

Thanks for any input smile.gif