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Good stereo DAC's? $200 budget

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Looking for the best stereo DAC for $200 or less. It's for my analogue reciever (Onkyo TX-8255).

-No need for headphone amp
-No need for surround or anything like that

Just a nice, high quality stereo DAC for music.

Thanks. smile.gif
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Are you looking for USB, coaxial/optical or both? There are quite a few decent options at or below $200.

HRT Music Streamer II
Audioengine D1
NuForce uDac2
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S/PDIF is most preferable
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Originally Posted by Barbarian887 View Post

S/PDIF is most preferable


If you search under SPDIF analog, you will find many other alternatives.
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You might also watch ebay or the Emotiva Lounge for a used XDA-1 DAC. Average price is right around $150. I own one. Its very useful since it can accept 6 digital inputs - but no analog but your receiver covers that. It has 2 optical and 2 coax inputs - one AES/EBU and one USB. And it does the switching between digital sources and has a volume control. And not that it matters for you but it has fully balanced outputs as well as single ended (RCA).
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I have an adcom gda 700 (vintage 1k new) 250.00 aprox used market. Absoulte killer DAC tough to beat new for less than a grand (imho) plus it is highly modable. Sounds remarkable and built like a tank.
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