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has anyone installed a navitar screenstar conversion lens (0.65x) on an epson projector? I have the table-stand for experimentation. the problem is that the ring that connects to the table stand is on the inner ring of the navitar and the epson 5010 lens is recessed. this limits the proximity of the two lenses. worse, any angling of the projector lens means that the conversion lens needs to be at the same angle, which reduces the distance by some more mm's, too. I don't have it fully installed yet (it probably will have to go on a projector mount), and I don't know whether the lens can get close enough to avoid cutting off the sides of the image and still sit straight in line.

has anyone used a recent epson projector and a navitar lens? did it work? problems? is there a navitar lens mount that lets the lens come closer?

are other epson projector lenses less recessed? 3010? 8350? 8700? any?